A Short List Of The Most Intriguing Research Paper Topics In Law

When you are writing a law research paper, many times the most complicated part is to find a topic that is intriguing and inspiring enough for you, but also for your professors. You will need a lot of knowledge just to come up with a topic that your mentor hasn’t seen billion of times, and that also has a lot of available data you can use in your research. Here are some of the most intriguing research topics in law, that have potential to be interesting and well accepted by your professors.

  1. Lex specialis and the legal arguments in the cases of acquaintance rape.
  2. The difference between capital punishment and corporal punishment.
  3. Animal rights and animal welfare legal standards in specific countries – best and worst examples.
  4. Civil rights for the millennial kids compared to early 20th century movement.
  5. Drinking age and law change during the 20th century and the future of such restrictions in modern world.
  6. The legal debate about the legalization of assisted suicide.
  7. The origin of forgiving law legislation towards campus violence and the consequences.
  8. Law optimization and drug legalization.
  9. The legal connection between hate crimes and gun control, and the laws (un)able to prevent those crimes.
  10. Arguments against mandatory minimum sentencing laws and some examples.
  11. Legal solutions when combating police brutality and some great solutions adapted around the world.
  12. Legal difficulties in cases of serial killers and sex offenders that were acquitted for their crimes.

When you start writing about a law issue that intrigues you, it is very important that you make sure if you understand correctly all the aspects of the problem you want to investigate. You will need to read a lot, and ask many questions – and even try to challenge your starting ideas. You will probably need help from someone that knows a lot about that issue, and you will definitely need to find such help outside your class room. Find someone that has written or publicly spoken about the issues that you are interested in, and ask him to help you learn more.
Also, you will have to find a lot of relevant literature, that will be used while you try to prove your starting premises. Try to think ahead, and find as many data you need, because it will be very troublesome for you if you realize in the middle of writing that you don’t have enough data to complete your paper. So think ahead, consult every relevant author, and don’t be afraid to make unorthodox conclusions – because that is the key of a great law paper.

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