Seven Tips On How To Compose A Narrative Essay On A Novel

Not everyone likes to read books, but even if you do – its a whole another story how to write a great narrative essay that centers around a novel. You can always hire someone to write an essay for you, but not many kids have the luxury of doings so. Most of us have to seek for help of our parents, friends, or nowadays – the internet.

  • Choosing the topic
  • Carefully choose the topic for your narrative essay, trying as much as you can to comprehend the book from another, less visible angle. Many people would be interested in reading your essay if you challenge the core idea of the novel, or if you try to answer the question that was troubling many who read the book.

  • Fresh ideas
  • From the very start, write about interesting details and some bold ideas that came across your mind while you were reading the book. Don’t talk about the story line so much, try to focus on the details that many have overseen and form strong opinions.

  • Talk to your friends
  • Writing a good narrative essay is all about comprehending the essence of the books, and writing in simple, yet persuasive manner. Myessaygeek.com can write your essay and surpise you with discounts. Talk to other people who also read the book, so you can be sure that you understand all the details. Hear different opinions that can give you some fresh ideas and make you think again about your own interpretation.

  • Write the outlines
  • Write the ideas that come to your head while you are reading, and also make sure to highlight some memorable quotes. You will later chronologically sort them out, and use them as you please in you essay. Writing a carefully planed outline of your essay will help you immensely.

  • Good vocabulary
  • Key of a good narrative essay has to be good vocabulary, mostly because your professor is surely going to value that. Using words that you are not used to should not be too hard, just while you read the novel make sure to underline all the interesting new words you have learned, and try to use them when writing the essay. Essay writing gets hard? Stop by at Myessaywriting.com .

  • First person
  • Important part of a narrative essay is that is should sound personal, like you are writing from your own perspective, even if it is about a novel. Try to imagine how you would feel if you are in place of some of the characters, and narrate the feelings in first person.

  • Know the characters
  • In order to write the best essay possible, try to understand the characters best you can. That way you will narrate more easily and point out the critical parts of the story line.